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Peter 💯 VS samvid2991. A Superb Game Of Pocket Tanks

Hello, to every Pocket Tanks lover out there. This post is about a superb game of Pocket Tanks which I recently played in a tournament. I’ve recently participated in Bubbagoof’s Pocket Tanks Ultimate Tournament, Part – I, “The Begining”. This will be a series of 8 tournaments. The top 4 participants from all the previous 7 tournaments will have the honor to participate in the Mega Final Part VIII tourney. I’ve performed okay in the Part I tourney. 17 participants participated in the Part I tourney. 12 players got qualified for the Knockout Stage. I was ranked 10th in the Group Stage.

The weapon set of this tourney was very difficult with a mixed bag of good & bad weapons. A player is completely hopeless if he doesn’t get good weapons & that exactly happened to me in several games. I lost at least 7 to 8 games due to a stupid weapon – Rocket 🚀 Launcher”. This weapon is absolutely bogus to me. I absolutely dislike this weapon.


All the Rounds were the Best Of 2 in the Group Stage. It was 1 invitation from both sides. The Knockout Stage was Best of 3 but the Final was a Best of 5. I played a Best of 2 Round with samvid2991 in this tourney in the Group Stage. I played with samvid2991 for the 1st time probably in 2018. Then he started to send game invitations to me & I also used to send him too. It was a random encounter. He’s from India & a very strong & a fabulous player of this game. It was a superb game of Pocket Tanks. I lost the 1st game but won the 2nd game in a hopeless situation. It’s 1 of my greatest victory in Pocket Tanks where I’m Player 2. I’ve uploaded the Game here which I won. I hope Pocket Tanks fans all over the globe will enjoy it.

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