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Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks Tournament

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Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks tournament – 15th tourney of WOPT

The 15th tournament of WOPT finally came to an end on the 8th of March 2022. The tournament got started on 7th  February 2022. This tournament had a very unique weapon pool which require mostly luck rather than skill & aim to score. That’s why I chose the name – “Luck🤞By Chance 🎩” for this tournament. It was an absolutely fun tournament. 17 players participated in this tournament. 12 players advanced to the Knockout Stage out of 17 players. I scored 45 points in the Group Stage & was ranked 8th in the Group Stage. I lost quite a few games very narrowly in the Group Stage.

Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks Tournament / Performance stats of Peter 💯 

Group Stage stats – I lost 1 game against jonesingfordill by less than 10 points. Lost 1 game against starkhaled by 1 point. In that game, he used 1 illegal weapon but I let it go as he’s very new. 1 game against Hexatonic got tied. I lost 1 game against samvid2991 by 3 points. Lost 1 game against uPgraded by 5 points. If all these were in my favor then I would’ve ranked 2nd or 3rd for sure if not 1st in the Group Stage. But, I know that’s another story.

Weapon pool for Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks tournament
Weapon Pool for Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks Tournament

samvid2991 dominated the tourney

Samvid Sarkarkar (Game ID – samvid2991) absolutely dominated throughout this tourney both in the Group & in the Knockout Stage. He ranked 1st in the Group Stage by scoring 70 points. The guy never lost a Round in the Group Stage & it’s a superb performance from his end. I faced uPgraded in the 1st Round & I beat him by 3 : 2. It was a very tough & close Round against uPgraded. I faced samvid2991 in the 2nd Round but unfortunately, I lost to him by 0 : 3. I got poor weapons in Games 1 & 3. No Pin Cushion or Sky Strike was offered to me. Still, I gave my best but he had way stronger weapons in Game 1 & 3.

In Game 2, we both had equal strength weapons. At the 9th volley, I exhausted all my 3 remaining moves to glitch him with Pin Cushion but was just a millimeter away to push my tank’s turret in his tank’s body for a perfect glitch. So, I got only 200 points for Pin Cushion. At that time, I was leading by 190 points. But, he then perfectly glitched me with Pin Cushion as his turret touched my tank’s body & got 550 points approx. My last weapon was Evac & his last weapon was Pedestal. Weapon offerings in Game 1 & Game 3 crushed my hopes. But, he deserved to advance as he really played much better than me. I gave my best in Games 1 & 3 with average weapons. I wish I could’ve glitched him in Game 2 at the 9th volley but missed a perfect glitch by a millimeter.

Luck By Chance Pocket Tanks Tournament / Conclusion

Samvid Sarkarkar (Game ID – samvid2991) advanced to face jonesingfordill after defeating me by 3 : 0 in the Group Stage. He won the 1st Semi-Final by 3 : 1 & reached the Final. In the 2nd Semi-Final, HOW DARE YOU, defeated Hexatonic by 3 : 2 & it was another nail-biter Round. It was an epic Final between samvid2991 & HOW DARE YOU. Luck By Chance tournament was won by samvid2991 as he defeated HOW DARE YOU by 3 : 2 in the Finals & it was another very close contest. Hats off to samvid2991 for his stellar performance & winning his maiden tourney in WOPT. Statistics of the full tournament can be checked from the link I’ve given below.


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