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No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney

1st Semi Final Round of No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney
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No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney / Semi Final Round

This particular Round was against jonesingfordill. It was a Semi-Final Round. He’s a very good & strong player in this game. But sometimes, he’s a little bit inconsistent. Apart from this, he always plays like a pro player. It was a very tough Round. I won the Round by 3 : 2 in a Best of 5 Round. The name of the tournament is – “No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney“. Dillon Jones is the name of the player & his Pocket Tanks Game ID is – “jonesingfordill“.  Nevertheless, don’t be misled by his bizarre ID. This fella is a very strong player & you can’t afford to make too many mistakes against him while playing. He participated in a few tourneys which I hosted in the past but now he’s on hiatus.


I’ve got a Pocket Tanks Group on Facebook. I host Pocket Tanks tournaments here quite often. The name of the Group is – “World Of Pocket Tanks“. Pocket Tanks lovers all over the world can search the group on Facebook & join. This group also has a Chat group in Messenger with the same name. Here players chat with each other, share their match videos, report tournament scores & have fun. The tournaments which I host in WOPT are of various formats & kinds. A tournament usually takes between 3 and 4 weeks to complete. I really enjoyed the Best of 5 Round against “jonesingfordill” in the No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney. I’ve uploaded all the 5 match videos here. It was a neck-to-neck battle & was very intense. I hope Pocket Tanks fans will love to watch these 5 games & enjoy.

I’ve changed & edited the original background music of the game to add more thrill while watching the match videos. Thanks to all.

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