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Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Losers Bracket Round 6 Match Videos

Featured Image Of Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Losers Bracket Round 6
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Open Air Pocket Tanks Championship, Peter 💯 VS HOW DARE YOU 😲

I faced HOW DARE YOU (HDY), in the Loser Bracket, Round 6 of the Open Air Pocket Tanks Championship. It was a Knockout Stage & Best of 5 Round in the Losers Bracket. He’s from India & an excellent player of Pocket Tanks. He’s 1 of the toughest player of Pocket Tanks which I’ve faced & played. I played with him many times in the past & all our Rounds were extremely tough battles. All our previous Rounds came down to the last game & the same thing happened in this Round also.

In this Round, How Dare You was leading by 2 : 1 at 1 stage. I was behind by 379 points at the last volley of the 4th game. So relieved to win the game at the last volley by a stunning & lucky 570 points Fireworks shot & made the score 2 : 2. I won the 5th game also but it was a very close battle too. I won the 5th game also at the last volley. In the end, I won the Best Of 5 Round by 3 : 2. My previous Round in the Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney was with Oledad. HOW DARE YOU (HDY) is also a member of the World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT) Facebook Group & I’m very glad that he’s a member of WOPT.


Here are the 5 match videos which I’ve uploaded here. All the 5 games were thrilling & very exciting. So, watch & enjoy, Pocket Tanks buddies. It’ll be very fun to watch. Pocket Tanks fans all over the globe can also join my Facebook Pocket Tanks Group – World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT). Here I host monthly Pocket Tanks tournaments of various rules, formats & styles. Anyone can join my group regardless of their gaming skill. Skill is not important but passion & love for this game is the main criteria to join this group.

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