About Us


This is Peter Parker & Peter 100 is my Game ID in the Pocket Tanks game. I’m playing Pocket Tanks for almost 20 years. I’ve started to play this game from June 2002 onward. A friend of mine introduced me to this amazing strategy game. I loved the game from the moment I started playing the game. During my college days, I used to play Pocket Tanks 10 – 12 hours a day on my Desktop Computer. I was a college student then. I started playing Pocket Tanks in the online mobile mode in August 2017.

I still love this game in 2021. This game is my passion & an integral part of my life.


This is my official World Of Pocket Tanks Facebook group. Anyone can join this group if they want to.

This group is not like any other Pocket Tanks Group. Here I host frequent tourneys almost every month of a year. I host tourneys of various kinds. Be it – stacking, all weapons, or tourneys of some different weapon pool.

www.worldofpockettanks.com is the official website of WOPT Facegroup group. On this website, you’ll find various upcoming & past tourney information & results, awesome match videos, high scoring games & high score achieved on particular weapons.

Rules of & values of worldofpockettanks (facebook.com/groups/251366695602972) Facebook group are –

1) This is a place for Players who are respectful to other’s opinions, who don’t bully others, who don’t enforce their decisions out of favoritism & biasedness, who don’t manipulate other members.

2) I solely focus on the quality of players & not on quantity. By the quality of players, I mean who’re true lovers of this game & play this awesome game regularly, also who are respectful to other’s opinion & other things too (Check Point 1).

3) I’ll host a friendly series & tourneys (monthly basis) of Pocket Tanks. Tournaments will be very innovative & there will be no favoritism at all. It’ll always be an unbiased tourney. All kinds of tourneys (stacked, unstacked & many) will be hosted.

4) I prefer quality more than quantity. Even beginners are welcome to join my Group.

5) Acceptance to join this Group is solely based on Admin’s approval. I know some players who are very much biased, disrespectful & promote favoritism & they might be in some other communities also. This Group is not for those kinds of people.

6) After joining if any members are found abusive, are of bully nature, trash talking, racist, then they will be removed from this Group.

7) This Group is only for true Pocket Tanks lovers. Players irrespective of caste, creed, color & nationality are free to join.

8) If members from other Facebook groups join here then please don’t compare this Group with your Group where you’re currently in.

9) Come join, if you find this group on your own while browsing & if you want to join. Let’s have some quality play & fun for years to come.

Peter Parker (Game ID- Peter 100).