No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney Final Round Image

No Holds Barred Stacking Tournament, Part II, Final Round

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No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tournament Final Round against 0RIPPER0

I lost the Final Round by 1 : 3 against 0RIPPER0 in the Finals. I also lost by 1 : 3 in the Group Stage against him. It’s a fact that I’ve never been beaten by the same player twice in the same tourney ever. I’ve played with many great players of PT for nearly 20 years. It’s ridiculous to witness a player like him who never misses a shot at any stage, no matter how difficult & impossible the shot is. The majority of his shots are ridiculously impossible & he delivers those shots at remarkable accuracy & gets maximum points from those shots. I’m at my wit’s end that how he does that each & every time without any fail. To me, it’s not humanly possible. Very very uncanny indeed.


I’ve uploaded all 4 match videos. If anyone sees the match videos then they can understand that this guy actually plays like a bot. It’s certainly not possible to play at this level each & every time. I don’t mind losing but I’m truly dumbfounded when I was playing with this guy. Anyway, he won the tournament & congrats to him for winning the No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney. The tournament was a great success.

Pocket Tanks is an amazing strategy game & I’m playing this game since mid-2002. But it’s quite a challenge to select weapons from the long list of weapons. An update should come where players can save their favorite weapon stack & it should be for multiple preferences. Also, an update is a must where an opponent can see who’s online & also be able to check with how many active weapons a player is playing. That’ll be very fair for a stacker & also for those who love to play with all active weapons. But, I’m not sure when & even these updates will ever see the daylight or not. But these updates are an absolute must to make this game more enjoyable for all of us.

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  1. *Peter 100* is one of the most difficult players I have ever met… Hats off to you.. Peter. <3

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