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Freaking Unbelievable Fireworks Shot Of A Lifetime

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Incredible Pocket Tanks Shot

This Fireworks shot by 0RIPPER0. It’s 1 of the most incredible & impossible shots I’ve ever seen in a Pocket Tanks game. This was the 4th game between me  Peter 💯 VS 0RIPPER0. I was well ahead in the score. I was quite certain of my victory in the 4th game. But, he crushed my victory hopes. He shot an insane & truly impossible Fireworks shot in the 9th volley of the game after a 7 minutes gap. This sealed his victory. He won the Group Stage Round by 3 : 1. What an incredible Pocket Tanks shot it’s.

Pocket Tanks Game Summary

Pocket Tanks is a PC game that features 1 on 1 tank strategy combat. This game also has a Deluxe version & a Collector’s edition which got released later. It’s also available on iOS. Pocket Tanks offers a turn-based strategic artillery, scorched-earth type game where players alternately fire wacky weapons at each other, hoping to hit the other & gain points. The game has a 10-minute learning curve & has tons of strategy potential. It’s the 2nd best strategy game right after Chess. I love playing both Chess & Pocket Tanks.

Michael P. Welch developed Pocket Tanks. This is a fast-paced artillery game launched in 2001. Most games of that era have perished to obscurity, but Pocket Tanks has remained & established itself as a cult favorite as evidenced by the millions of downloads & fans worldwide. I love the background music of this game. It’s so nostalgic & soothing. The sound of all the different weapons is truly amazing. Pocket Tanks is a part & parcel of my adolescent days. I played this game for the 1st time in June 2002. A friend’s friend of mine introduced me to this game. From that very moment, I fell in love with this game. I still continue to play this game.

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