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Volatile 30 Pocket Tanks Tournament

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Volatile 30 Pocket Tanks Tournament – 17th tourney of WOPT

The 17th tournament of WOPT finally came to an end a fortnight ago. The tournament was 30 fixed weapons for the Group Stage & the Knockout Stage. But most of the weapons for the Knockout Stage were different. The 30 weapons for the Knockout Stage were a surprise package to all those who got qualified for the Knockout Stage.26 players participated in this Volatile 30 💨 tournament & 13 players were placed each in both Group A & B. 8 players got qualified for the Knockout Stage from both the groups.

Volatile 30 tournament / Group Stage Weapons
Volatile 30 tournament / Group Stage Weapons
Volatile 30 tournament / Knockout Stage Weapons
Volatile 30 tournament / Knockout Stage Weapons

The surprise package of Volatile 30 Pocket Tanks Tournament

I’m extremely proud to say that hamoodkw is the youngest PT player to ever participate in the history of PT tournaments. I’m so lucky that his 1st tourney (Volatile 30) participation is in WOPT. Mohammed Khaled Almgbel. Game ID – “hamoodkw“. The little champ is from Kuwait. 10 years of pure innocence. No ego, no regrets & no desperation to win a game of PT. Most importantly the little champ has no screen protector with any measuring aids. Pure eyeballs 👀 & thumb rule & guesswork. I consider every loss of his as an innocent victory. His dad is starkhaled & he’s from Kuwait too. His dad starkhaled is also a very good Pocket Tanks player.

Little hamoodkw is super cute
Little hamoodkw is super cute

The little guy is just learning to play Pocket Tanks. He’s as fresh as a daffodil. The kid, hamoodkw can only play when his parents allow him to play after his studies. The little champ is very new in Pocket Tanks but still managed to beat a very tough opponent like AVALANCHE & that’s super awesome. I wish hamoodkw would’ve been a member of WOPT but I’m sure that he doesn’t have a FB profile yet. Hats off to hamoodkw . The little kid is my new Pocket Tanks, Hero.

Little hamoodkw playing Pocket Tanks before going to bed

Performance Stats of Peter 💯

I was in Group A & I scored 37 points & was ranked 4th in Group A. I did well in the Group Stage. I’ve beaten ikily by 2 : 0 victory & tied with samvid2991 by 1 : 1. Both ikily & samvid2991 are very tough opponents. Group Stage Rounds was a Best of 2 Round & the Knockout Stage was a Best of 5 Round. I lost to Ayedubya in the 1st Round of the Knockout Stage by 2 : 3. All the games were very close & thrilling. I lost the 5th game due to the weapon Dash’s betrayal. Luck was not on my side in the 5th game.

Skill is very important but luck & destiny are the 2 very important factors to succeed both in life & sports. I’ve got the recording of the 5th game only. I forgot to record the other 4 games. Ayedubya is a very good player & he always gives a tough fight whenever I face him. I’m not taking any credits away from him. He’s a fantastic player & there’s no doubt about that. But, I just got very unlucky in the 5th game at a very crucial stage & that caught me to the range of Bazooka weapon due to Dash’s failure. That changed the entire scenario & outcome of the Round. Otherwise, maybe I could’ve won the 5th game. Who knows ?.

Peter 💯 VS Ayedubya, 1st Round of the Knockout Stage of Volatile 30 tournament, Game 5

Another 2 surprise packages of Volatile 30 Pocket Tanks Tournament

Jazzy29 & toddsiegrist are 2 other surprise packages of the Volatile 30 tournament. This is the 2nd time Jazzy29 participated in WOPT. She’s the Cleopatra of WOPT. She’s a very talented & skilled player in this game. But toddsiegrist participated for the 1st time in WOPT & he played brilliantly throughout the tournament. He got no exposure & his experience was nil but still, he ranked 4th in the tournament. Jazzy29 has beaten the mighty samvid2991 by 3 : 2 in the 2nd Round to face off with the great Wascally Wabbit in the Semi-Final.

She gave her best but it was not good enough. Wascally Wabbit is 1 of the best player in Pocket Tanks. Jazzy29 gave her best & won 1 game against the Wabbit. She lost by a 1 : 3 margin. Jazzy29 also performed very well in this tournament & ranked 3rd in this tourney. She tied with toddsiegrist in the 1st Best of 5 series of the Bronze Round. Both of them won 2 games each & tied a game. Then they played another Best of 3 Round & this time Jazzy29 defeated toddsiegrist by a 2: 0 victory. Well done Jazzy29.


Wascally Wabbit is 1 of the toughest player in Pocket Tanks. He’s another breed for sure. Wabbit wins his 3rd consecutive tournament in WOPT. He wins the Volatile 30 tourney by defeating another very strong opponent – “HOW DARE YOU” by 3 : 2 in the Finals. HOW DARE YOU is 1 of the best player from India. Wascally Wabbit also defeated HOW DARE YOU BY 2: 0 in the Group Stage. Congratulations to Wascally Wabbit for his outstanding performance again & winning the Volatile 30 tournament. The result of the Volatile 30 tournament link is given below.


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