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A Tie Game Of Pocket Tanks

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Peter 💯 VS JADIP. A Superb Game Of Pocket Tanks

A big hello to all the Pocket Tanks lovers out there. This post is about a Tie game of Pocket Tanks which I recently played against JADIP around a couple of weeks ago. JADIP is also a member of the World Of Pocket Tanks Facebook group. He’s my Pocket Tanks buddy. He participates in the tourneys I host quite often. I played JADIP for the 1st time around 7 to 8 months ago & it was a random game. He was just an average player at that time. But, slowly he improved his skill & aim & also smartened up his game strategy. Now, he’s not the old JADIP anymore. He’s a formidable opponent now. I don’t have an edge against him now. He too beats me quite often & I’m glad to see his progress from an average PT player to a very strong PT player.


The game which I played against JADIP a couple of weeks ago was a Tie game & I witnessed a Tie game after 2 years at least. It’s quite rare to witness a Tie game in Pocket Tanks. I was Player 2 in that game. We both tried to glitch each other in the middle of the game but we both failed. I tried to glitch him with Ant Firm & he tried to glitch me with Particle Bomb. At 1 stage, he was well ahead in the score. I came close to him by using Steamroller. My Pipeline shot was also unsuccessful. But the game overall was very thrilling & exciting. I managed to Tie the game with the help of a lucky 60 points Saucer Attack. A win is always desirable but a Tie is also very sweet & it’s always better than a loss.

I really enjoy playing with JADIP. He’s a pro player now. I’ve uploaded the unbelievable Tie game here. Pocket Tanks lovers all over the world can watch the amazing Tie game & enjoy it. Thanks to all.

Peter 💯 VS JADIP

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