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Awesome Pocket Tanks Matches

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Awesome Pocket Tanks matches with random opponents

It’s time for me to share & write another blog for Pocket Tanks game lovers all over the world. This blow is about awesome Pocket Tanks matches. It was a random Pocket Tanks casual game with the player – “Smackus Maximus”. This guy is an excellent & highly skilled PT player. He rarely misses any shot. This time managed to win the game at the last volley from the jaws of defeat. My Pocket Tanks Game ID is – Peter 💯. This is 1 of the best games I’ve played so far. A truly superb game it was. Smackus Maximus is 1 of the toughest opponent which I’ve encountered in Pocket Tanks. But there are plenty many. My win & loss ratio against this guy is not good. I think I’ve played against this guy for around 10 or 12 games. I’ve won only 4 or 5 times against this guy. You can’t afford to make any mistake against this guy. If you do then you’re a dead duck for sure. His Game ID is also very cool & funky. I played with this player for the 1st time in a random online game. Sometimes, I get game invitations from him but it’s very rare. He’s quite unstoppable when he’s Player 1. I guess this player is a guy & not a lady. But this is my guess. He’s equally comfortable with all angles, power & altitude. This is the main thing I like about this player. I played very cleverly in this game. He got hit 2 Saucer Attack hits & it was my good luck. I won at the last volley with a very tricky Fireworks shot.

I’ve uploaded the match video here. I’m really proud of this win. Especially, when I was Player 2. Pocket tanks fans all over the globe can watch this game & enjoy it.

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