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A Thrilling Game Of Pocket Tanks

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Peter 💯 VS ikily. A Thrilling Game Of Pocket Tanks.

Hello, to every Pocket Tanks lover out there. Couple of weeks ago, participated in Bubbagoof’s Pocket Tanks Ultimate Tournament, Part – I, “The Begining”. It’ll be a series of 8 tournaments. The top 4 players from all the previous 7 tournaments will have the privilege to participate in the Mega Final Part VIII tourney. I’ve performed decently in the Part I tourney. 17 players participated in the Part I tourney. 12 players got qualified for the Knockout Stage. I was ranked 10th in the Group Stage. The weapon set was very tough. It was an amalgamation of good & bad weapons. A player is completely helpless if he doesn’t get good weapons. This exactly happened to me in multiple games. I lost at least 7 to 8 games due to a stupid weapon – Rocket 🚀 Launcher”. This weapon is absolutely bogus & worthless to me.

All the Rounds were the Best Of 2 in the Group Stage. The Knockout Stage was Best of 3 but the Final was a Best of 5. I played a Best of 2 Round with ikily in this tourney in the Group Stage. I played with ikily for the 1st time in 2017 December. It was a random encounter. He used to heavily rely on glitches at that time. Most of the time he used to pick either Super Nova or Spinner or both. But now he plays more maturely & smartly. He’s crafty & a very good player. It was a thrilling game of Pocket Tanks. I won the 1st game but lost the 2nd game marginally. It was a thrilling game of Pocket Tanks. I’ve uploaded the Game here which I won. I hope Pocket Tanks fans all over the globe will like the battle. See the video below & enjoy.

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