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A Good Game Of Pocket Tanks

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Peter πŸ’― VS Wascally Wabbit 🐰. A Good Game Of Pocket Tanks.

Hello, to every Pocket Tanks lover out there. I’ve recently played a casual & random game with – “Wascally Wabbit 🐰 “. It was a good game of Pocket Tanks. He’s a beast of a player in this game. He’s extremely tough & a strategical master of this game. I’ve played with him a total of 8 games so far.

3 games were tournament games where I lost against him by 2 : 3 in Community Tournament II Finals which was a Best Of 5 Round. I was leading by 2 : 0 but he bounced back & won the 3rd & 4th game. I didn’t play the 5th game though due to some reason & he won the 5th game due to my inactivity. But, he’s a far better player than me. I’ve rarely seen him missing a shot. All his shots are bang on target 🎯 . It’s unbelievably true. He’s 1 of the most dominating & aggressive players of this game. He’s truly amazing.

Recently, I played 3 random & casual games against him over the past month. I lost the 1st & 2nd game where I was Player 2. I again met him on a random encounter couple of days ago. This time I was Player 1. It was a good game of Pocket Tanks. Very intense & thrilling. This time I won the 3rd random game & I’m very happy to beat him because he’s a far better player than me.

I’ve uploaded the Game here which I won. I hope Pocket Tanks fans all over the globe will enjoy it.

I’ve also a Pocket Tanks Gaming Group on Facebook. Anyone interested can click on this link & ask for joining approval. Β The name of the Group is – β€œWorld Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT)β€œ. That’s all.

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