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Intense Game of Pocket Tanks with a tough opponent

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Intense game of Pocket Tanks with a good player

Hi, everyone. A few days ago, I played with this guy named – “Vedant Shekade“. He’s a strong player but he needs a little bit more improvement in stacking weapon selection. I don’t know this guy & he’s not a member of my Facebook Pocket Tanks Group – “World Of Pocket Tanks“. I received an invitation from him a few months ago all of a sudden. It was an intense game of Pocket Tanks. Since then, he keeps on sending me an invitation once in a while. I also repeat the favor sometimes. But only when I get beaten by him. He’s a good PT player. I’ve uploaded the match here. Pocket Tanks lovers all over the globe can see the match & enjoy it.


I have always enjoyed playing Pocket Tanks since mid of 2002. I used to play in Desktop mode then. At that time this game was played only on Desktop mode. Desktop mode is way tougher than the mobile version. You can’t zoom in while shooting a torpedo or Super Laser. Tank moves can’t be undone like it’s done in the mobile version. You can change several settings in the Desktop version. For example, you can activate the “Wind” mode & play in High, Medium, or Low wind. High wind change per shot is extremely tough. Playing in High wind that changes per shot & also with “Relative to Turret” settings is the toughest level of Pocket Tanks. Those who can aim perfectly in these 2 settings are truly the ultimate & God-level players of Pocket Tanks.

Nowadays, I’m playing Pocket Tanks in the mobile online version only & I seldom play in Desktop mode. I play mostly at late night IST time. I play for 45 to 60 minutes & the maximum of those games are random games with mostly unknown players. Sometimes, I do play with known opponents. I play mostly stacked but I’m open to all weapons challenges also. I play all weapons activated mode if someone requests me for that.

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