Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney

Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage

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Pocket Tanks Open Air Tournament

The Knockout Stage of the “Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney” begins now. Best of luck to all those who’ve qualified for the Knockout Stage. Also, thanks to those who couldn’t qualify. Better luck next time. All Rounds are the Best of 5 but the Final & Grand Final (if required) will be the Best Of 7. The lower seed sends the 1st invitation to start the Round & also the 3rd invitation for the 5th game if required. The same rule is applicable for the Final. Knockout Stage is a Double Elimination Tourney. Loser goes to the Loser Bracket. So, you get a 2nd & final chance to stay alive in this tournament if you lose for the 1st time. Group stage for Pocket Tanks Open Air tournament over. May the best man win 🤗.


This tournament is hosted by the World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT) Facebook Group. Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Brackets link – https://challonge.com/cmc851r5. This is a dirt-free tourney. Players who hate dirt weapons would love this tournament. This tournament guarantees high-scoring games in each & every Round. It’s like fighting fire🔥with fire.

Speaking of players who hate dirt weapons, there’s a particular player which I like to talk about here. “Smartman” is the Game ID. This guy hates dirt very much. He’ll forfeit immediately if you shoot any dirt weapons at him. Also, he’ll spam you with several game invitations to vent out his frustrations. Such a jerk & loser he’s. A player who can play with any format & challenges is the real player in Pocket Tanks. I truly respect those kinds of players but sadly there are not many.

I’m looking forward to the Knockout Stage & it’ll be not easy to reach the Finals. There are many strong players who’ve qualified for the Knockout Stage. I’ll try to win this tournament again. If I win this tourney again then it’ll be great. But, it’s okay if I can’t. There’s always a next time. It’s not possible to win every tournament. But the show must go on.

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