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A Cool Game Of Pocket Tanks

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A Cool Game Of Pocket Tanks / Peter 💯 VS huntsvegas

Hello, to every Pocket Tanks lover out there. I’ve recently played a casual & random game with – “huntsvegas“. It was a very cool game of Pocket Tanks. He’s a very good player of this game & I’m playing with this guy for around 3 years now. I play stacking games with him & it’s fun to play with him. In our casual games, I’ve an upper hand most of the time. But, in this game, I got crushed by my old PT buddy – “huntsvegas“. So, it’s rightfully said – “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas“. Great game buddy. You got me this time.

Join my Facebook Pocket Tanks Group to participate in tournaments & for fun – “facebook.com/groups/251366695602972“. If you’re looking for fun, thrill, Pocket Tanks tournaments & challenges then this Group is the right place for you. The name of the Group is – “World Of Pocket Tanks“. You can easily find it on Facebook. So what are you waiting for ?. Come join us & have fun.


I’ve uploaded the match video here. People who love to play Pocket Tanks can watch this great game & enjoy it. I used to play with huntsvegas a lot around 6 months ago. But now it’s not that frequent. Once in a while, I get a game invitation from him. This player is not in my Pocket Tanks group. But I wish he finds my group on Facebook someday & joins voluntarily. It’ll be pretty cool to have this guy. I like his Game ID. It’s very unique & cool. By looking at his ID, I guess he’s from Las Vegas. Hopefully, he’ll be more active in the coming months. I’m looking forward to playing more fun Pocket Tanks online games with this fella. That’s all for now. See you in the next blog. Thank you.

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