Reaction image of Great Pocket Tanks shots

Great Pocket Tanks Shots

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Great Pocket Tanks shots by Peter 💯 

I mostly play Pocket Tanks random games after late midnight. Sometimes I encounter good players but most of the time there are average random players only. This post is about some Great Pocket Tanks Shots. A few days ago, I’ve played 3 random & casual games with Deathgrind77, mikehouses & garmo. These players are not a member of my PT Group in Facebook – “World Of Pocket Tanks“. I never played with mikehouses & garmo before. But I’ve played with Deathgrind77 before in a casual game. He’s a very good & accurate player but he’s not a stacker kind of a player. He plays Pocket Tanks with all weapons active.

I’ve played 3 different shots against these 3 players mentioned above & I’m very much proud of these 3 shots. I’ve uploaded all the 3 shots which were played by me here. These are some very good Pocket Tanks shots & great execution of weapons in the correct match situation. Hope the Pocket Tanks fans all over the world will like & enjoy it.

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