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Open Air Stacking Tourney, Part II

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Open Air Stacking 2021 Tourney / Part II

It’s time for the 8th tourney of World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT). Open Air Part – II Stacking 2021 Tourney. It’s an absolutely No Dirt & No Glitch tourney. Final rules will be announced soon. If you want to participate then please enroll with your Game ID. Those who’re interested can email me at – “tournaments@worldofpockettanks.com“. The tourney starts on 9th April 2021. This tournament will have a Group Stage & a Knockout Stage. Participants will be divided into small groups. It’s yet to be decided how many participants will qualify from each Group to the Knockout Stage. It’ll depend on the number of participants. Those who’ll qualify for the Knockout Stage will face each other as per seeding. Group Stage will be a Best of 4 & the Knockout Stage will be Best of 5. But the Finals will be a Best of 7 Round.


This tournament will be a Double Elimination tourney. It means if someone loses a Round in the Knockout Stage then he or she still has a chance to advance to the Finals. But she can’t lose any Round further. If someone loses a Round then he or she will go to the Loser Bracket & from there they’ll have to advance. There’ll be a Grand Final also if the Loser Bracket winner can defeat his or her opponent in the Final Round. It’s because the opponent has never lost a Round & so gets a chance just like others to win the tourney in the Grand Final.

The double-elimination tourney is a bit lengthy but this is going to be a very tough tournament. A breakout weapon is a great weapon for defense. It must be used from traveling 1 place to another. This weapon can’t be used to hide inside the terrains. All the best to everyone. May the best player wins 🙏. 


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