Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Tourney Round 3 Image

Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Round 3 Match Videos

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Open Air Part II 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage / Peter 💯 VS danyboxpiano 🎹, Round 3 (Best Of 5)

A grueling, intense, neck-to-neck battle with a fantastic Pocket Tanks player – “danyboxpiano 🎹”. He’s a very strategical player & his aim is nearly flawless. I really enjoyed playing with this guy. His name is – “Michael Scott” & a very nice person as well. He’s very much humble & a very nice piano player. He’s also a member of the World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT) Facebook Group & I’m happy that he’s a member of my small group. I played him in a Best of 5 battle (Round 3) in Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney. At 1 stage, he was leading by 2 : 1. I’m lucky & happy at the same time to win the Round by 3 : 2 at the end. All the games were very intense & fun-filled. The Pocket Tanks Open Air tourney forbids the use of dirt weapons.

This tournament was very tough & strategic. It’s a high-scoring tourney. I won the 1st edition of Pocket Tanks Open Air tourney. This is the 2nd edition of the tournament. I’m the host & participant at the same time. Now, coming to “danyboxpiano “. I played him for the 1st time ago a few years ago & that was a random game. He’s an excellent stacker of this game. But the 1 thing I don’t like about him is that he plays very slowly. Michael Scott has participated in only a few tourneys in WOPT. He says that he has a very hectic & busy work schedule & this prohibits him to participate in most of the tourneys which I host on a regular basis. I hope he’ll have a less hectic schedule in the future & he’ll again participate in the future tourneys of WOPT. I do miss him.

Here are the 5 match videos which I’ve uploaded here. Watch & enjoy, Pocket Tanks fellas.

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