No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tournament Image

No Holds Barred Stacking, Part – II tourney

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No Holds Barred Part II Pocket Tanks Stacking Tournament

It’s time for the 7th tourney of WOPT. “No Holds Barred Stacking Part – II” tourney. You can use 30 to 325 activated weapons. It’s your choice. This tournament strictly prohibits any form of glitches. Putting your tank’s nozzle inside your opponent’s tank & firing any weapon (except Fireworks & Cyclone 🌀) is not allowed. Fireworks & Cyclones are the only 2 weapons that can be fired by inserting your tank’s nozzle into your opponent’s tank. Group Stage Round will be Best of 4. Two (2) invitations each from both the players. Knockout Stage & Final will be Best of 5. Higher seeds send 2 invitations & lower seed sends 3 invitations. May the best man win this “No Holds Barred Part IItourney.


No Holds Barred Stacking Part II Tourney Image

What’s the meaning of No Holds Barred & Stacking ?.

Pocket Tanks now have 370 weapons. When a player plays with all 370 active weapons then it’s a non-stacking game. A stack is a method of deactivating multiple weapons from the weapon depot and then playing them. Stacking involves playing with the minimum number of weapons & mostly the strongest ones. Normally, a player who stacks plays with 30 to 40 odd weapons. A good stacker activates a good mixture of dirt, explosive & unbury weapons. So even if he gets buried by his opponent, he won’t be bothered. Stacking is an art & it’s always fun & challenging when you play with a good stacker. It takes a lot of practice, time, effort & patience to be a good stacker.

Jump Rope is 1 of the most difficult weapon to master. With mastery, you can get anywhere between 270 to 330 points with a perfect Jump Rope shot. A cauldron & Antfirm is another very good weapon. These 2 weapons can go underground & penetrate through the terrain. A Cauldron can give you 58 to 63 points & a glitch shot can give you 190 to 205 points. Similarly, an Antfirm can give you 30 to 170 points but it depends on the terrain & the opponent’s tank position. An Antfirm glitch shot can give a massive 400 to 600 points.

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