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Open Air Stacking 2020 Tourney

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Stop Motion Video For Open Air Stacking 2020 Tourney

I’ve created a stop motion video for the last year’s Pocket Tanks Open Air Stacking 2020 Tourney. The video is made for entertainment purposes only & not for commercial use. A total of 35 players participated in Open Air Stacking 2020 Tourney. Peter 💯 won the Open Air Stacking 2020 tourney. The current ongoing Pocket Tanks tourney hosted by World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT) is – “Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney”. A total of 30 players have participated in this year’s – “Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney. It’s 5 less than the previous year’s enrollment but it’s still good. Pocket Tanks Open Air Stacking 2020 Tourney has the highest number of enrollments in a Pocket Tanks tourney which is hosted by me to date.


Here’s the stop motion video which I’ve uploaded below. The entire editing, background musics are my imagination & creativity. The video introduces all the 35 players by their Game ID. The video also shows the brutality of war. But, the video never glorifies war. This world has seen enough bloodshed & war for several centuries. No more real war is needed ever now.

About the game – Pocket Tanks

Pocket Tanks is a Desktop PC game that can be played on a Desktop, Laptop & also in mobile mode. It can be played in online mode also in the mobile version. For the mobile version, the supported platforms are – Android & iOS. This game can also be played in 1 Player or in 2 player mode. You play with Computer if you choose 1 Player mode. The level of computer difficulty can be set from 1 to 10 level. You play with your friend when you choose Player 2 mode. You can set weapon explosion, size, kick size, number of weapons, terrain type, wind mode, in the settings option. Playing Pocket Tanks on Desktop is way harder than playing in online mode in the mobile version.

I hope Pocket Tanks lovers all over the globe will like the video. Thank you.

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