Featured Image Of Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Losers Bracket Round 7

Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Losers Bracket Round 7 Match Videos

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Pocket Tanks Open Air Championship, Peter 💯 VS sjk333, Losers Bracket Round 7 (Best Of 5)

I faced sjk333, in the Loser Bracket, Round 7 of Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney & it was a Knockout Stage. His name is Steven John Kish & his PT Game ID is – “sjk333“. He’s from the USA & a very good player of Pocket Tanks. He’s a much better & tough opponent now than he was before. I played with him many times in the past & all our Rounds were very good & exciting. This Round was also no exception from the previous Rounds of past tourneys. Pocket Tanks Open Air Championship is 1 of the most exciting & thrilling tourneys which I’ve hosted till date.


In this Round, I won the 1st game convincingly. But he bounced back & won the 2nd game but I won the 3rd game again. I fired a bull’s eye 600 Fireworks at close range at the 3rd volley & sjk333 forfeited the 3rd game after my Fireworks shot. I was gearing up to win the 4th game also. But, he won the 4th game by a 453 Fireworks shot at the 9th volley. So, the winner of the Round needs to be decided on the 5th game to reach the Finals for the Pocket Tanks Open Air Championship.

I won the 5th game at the last volley. Steven Kish was having a comfortable lead of 302 points by the end of the 9th volley. I then fired a match-saving 494 Mower shot at close range on flat ground with no terrain left. I won only because of that Mower shot. Otherwise, sjk333 would’ve been surely won the 5th game & the Round as he was having a healthy 302 points lead. In the end, I won the Best Of 5 Round by 3 : 2 & entered the Final to face dimensity in a Best of 7 Round. My previous Round in Pocket Tanks Open Air Part II Stacking 2021 Tourney was with HOW DARE YOU (HDY). Steven John Kish is also a member of the World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT) Facebook Group & he’s a member of my small group.


Here are the 5 match videos which I’ve uploaded here. All the 5 games were very good & exciting. So, watch & enjoy, Pocket Tanks buddies. Pocket Tanks fans can also join my Facebook Pocket Tanks Group – World Of Pocket Tanks (WOPT). Here I host monthly PT tournaments of various formats & styles. Anyone can join this group regardless of their gaming skill. Skill is not important but passion & love for Pocket Tanks is the main criteria to join this group.

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