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½ Confession Pocket Tanks Tournament

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½ Confession Pocket Tanks tournament – 13th tourney of WOPT

It’s time for the 13th tourney of WOPT. Tourney name – “½ Confession”. It’s ½ Confession Pocket Tanks tournament. Group Stage is Best of 4. It’s going to be 2 invitations from both the players. Knockout Stage is Best of 5. The lower seed sends the 1st invitation to the higher seed to start the Round. The tourney has started on 14th December 2021. It’s a Stacking No Dirt Tourney. The previous tournament which was held in WOPT was – Line of Sight“.

Weapon Pool for ½ Confession Pocket Tanks Tournament

Total 165 weapons as per the pic above. Leap Frog 🐸 weapon icon is not there in the weapon pool pic above. It has been added later on. You can activate either 30 minimum weapons or full 165 weapons or anything in between. It’s your choice. You can glitch in this tourney.

Breakout is only for traveling Open Air & not for hiding inside the terrain. This is a completely different type of tourney with a different ball game & new strategy. Group Stage Round will be a Best of 4 & the Knockout Stage will be a Best of 5. After the end of 1st Volley, you must honestly confess to your opponent any 5 weapons which you’ve picked & it’s mandatory for both Player 1 & 2. Now, what’s the fun of doing that ?. Where’s the suspense. But, now, it’s a completely different ball game with new strategy & gameplay as both of you know what 5 weapons your opponent has picked. Now you must play accordingly & use your wisdom to win the game as you know ½ weapons of your opponent. May the best man win.

But this is a completely different type of tourney. So, luck will play a vital role in this tourney. It’ll be a battle of wits, skill & luck. All 3 elements will be combined together

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