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An Eye Of An Eagle Pocket Tanks Tournament

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An Eye Of An Eagle – 10th tourney of WOPT

It’s time for the 10th tourney of WOPT – “An Eye 👀 Of An Eagle 🦅“. In a nutshell, it’s An Eye Of An Eagle Pocket Tanks Tournament. No luck. No bullshit. Only precision & skill matter. The following weapons should be shot only from over the top. Ground Hog, Worm, Homing Worm, Late Bloomer, Cauldron, Ground Shocker, Flower Power, Lava Cannon, Pop Rocket, Hot Spring & Fly Wheel. Players who’re interested & up for the challenge then sign up with your Game ID. An Eye Of An Eagle Pocket Tanks Tournament starts on 20th August 2021, at 2:00 pm IST. Those who’re interested to participate can leave a comment in the comment box below with their Game ID & E-Mail ID.

An Eye Of An Eagle Tournament / Summary

Precision is the key to this tournament and it’ll be extremely tough. It’s going to be the toughest tourney I’ve hosted so far. Players who’ve flawless accuracy have an advantage & edge in this tourney. Even a miscalculation of 1 over or less power can cost you a game. There’s very little room for error in this tournament. So practice a lot before this tourney starts. Players who’re newbies & not good at aiming can join too. This tourney will make them into a much better player in the future & it’ll add up to their experience. So, don’t hesitate & sign up.

I always consider participation is more important than winning. Winning & losing is a part of life & also in every sport. That’s the way the cookie crumbles. Never give up on life & sports. Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. If all goes well then I can host Part II of this tournament also. But that’s another story. Time will tell & I’ll leave that for the future.

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