Featured Image Of Pocket Tanks A New Era 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Round 2

A New Era 2021 Tourney Knockout Stage Round 2 Match Videos

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Peter 💯 VS spitvenom, Knockout Stage, Round 2, (Best Of 5)

Pocket Tanks – “A New Era” tourney. This tourney (A New Era) hasn’t gone too well with me. Though, I top scored in my Group with 21 points. I was in Group A. In the Knockout Stage, I faced spitvenom in Round 2. Corey Koon is spitvenom. He’s a fantastic player & a friendly guy. He’s from the USA. It has always been a pleasure playing with him. This time I was outsmarted by his strategy. I also didn’t get the best weapons in the 3 games. But, the credit goes to Corey Koon (spitvenom).

I lost against him by 0 : 3. I didn’t miss any shots against him but still, I lost. It’s because his strategy was better than mine. His use of Bubble Gun & Steamroller was very cool. Because, of my early exit in Round 2, I couldn’t reach the Semi-Finals & therefore ranked 5th in this tourney. I hope I’ll perform better in the next tourney of WOPT – “An Eye 👀 Of An Eagle 🦅 ” It’s a complete precision-based tourney.

Here are the 3match videos which I’ve uploaded here are from Pocket Tanks – “A New Era” tourney. All the 3 games were thrilling & very exciting. So, watch & enjoy, Pocket Tanks fellas. It’ll be very fun to watch.

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